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Monotype Fonts(日本語版未対応)

注意:現時点では、Monotype Fontsに関する機能は日本語版ではサポート対象外とさせていただいております。Monotype Fontsに同期されているフォントであってもサブスクリプションベースのフォントをSuitcase Fusionで扱うことができないなど注意が必要です。

If you use SkyFonts from Monotype®, Suitcase Fusion can manage those fonts along with your other fonts.

With Suitcase Fusion, you can:

You cannot:

Note:SkyFonts installs fonts locally, in a custom folder in the current user’s home directory. Suitcase Fusion identifies these fonts and lets you manage them separately, but does not move the fonts into the Font Vault.


SkyFonts works with several font services, such as and MyFonts. When you acquire a font through one of these services, you will have the option to download the font or to install it using SkyFonts.
If you choose to download a purchased font manually, then you can add it to Suitcase Fusion using the normal process. (If you do this, be mindful of the font’s license for how many systems you can install it on.)
If you let SkyFonts install the font, it will be installed on your system but Suitcase Fusion will identify it and include it in the SkyFonts library. (SkyFonts can also sync fonts to multiple systems, up to the limit of each font’s license.)
If you have SkyFonts installed, any fonts you have already installed will appear in the SkyFonts library.

If you wish to try SkyFonts:

  1. Click the Download SkyFonts button in the SkyFonts library panel.

  2. Install the SkyFonts application.
Note:If you install the SkyFonts application while the SkyFonts library is open (showing the Download SkyFonts panel), you may need to refresh the display; click once on another library, then click the SkyFonts library again.

  3. Link SkyFonts with any service except Google Fonts. (Since Google Fonts are already available through Suitcase Fusion, any Google Fonts you install through SkyFonts will automatically be disabled.)
Linking to a service usually just requires you to create an account with an email address and password.
For your convenience, Suitcase Fusion includes a toolbar button that directly links to

  4. Most of the services have at least a few typefaces available for free; find one and install it using SkyFonts.
Try Museo Slab 500 from, or Lumiere Five from MyFonts.

SkyFonts installs the font and it appears immediately in your SkyFonts library in Suitcase Fusion.

SkyFonts and Font Sense

SkyFonts are completely compatible with Font Sense; when you use a SkyFonts font in a supported document, the font’s Font Sense information will be written to the document just as any other font, and when you open the document, the SkyFont font will be automatically activated.

SkyFonts in the Font Panel

The Font Panel provides one-click access to activating and using fonts in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. SkyFonts appear in the My Fonts group, and are identified with the SkyFonts icon .
Learn more about the Extensis Font Panel

SkyFonts and Google Fonts

SkyFonts gives you free access to Google Fonts. Suitcase Fusion disables Google Fonts installed by SkyFonts, in favor of its own Google Fonts library.
If you want to use Google Fonts within Suitcase Fusion, enable the Google Fonts library (choose File > Enable Google Fonts). Learn more about Google Fonts

SkyFonts trial fonts

SkyFonts allows you to install some fonts on a trial basis, giving you access for an hour to test the font with your projects. Suitcase Fusion does not include these fonts in the SkyFonts library.